Artist: Cyprian Libera

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Members of The Vancouver Life Drawing Society get an immediate saving of $3 per drop-in session.

To join, simply fill out a membership form when you're at the studio, pay a session manager and get a receipt. You will immediately receive a membership card.

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Drop-in Rates

Single Sessions
Non-members: $15
Members: $12

Member Specials
Book of 5 Tickets: $50
Book 10 Tickets: $90
Monthly Pass: $110
Bulk Sales (60 tickets or more over the value of $510) $8.50 per ticket

Membership Rates

Yearly membership runs from May 1st to April 30th and is based on a prorated system.

Annual Fees Until April 30th
Regular: $60
Student: $30
Corporate Rate: $100

Below are the rates which are determined by what time of year the membership is purchased.

Fiscal Quarter Regular Student Corporate
May 1 to Jul 31 $60 $30 $100
Aug 1 to Oct 31 $45 $22.50 $75
Nov 1 to Jan 31 $30 $15 $50
Feb 1 to Apr 30 $15 $7.50 $25