Current Show

Alice Koan
Colour the World

September 16th to 29th, 2017

“Life drawing is a basic inquiry into the human form.” - Maurice Spira

Basic Inquiry News

28 March - 13 June 2017
(12 weeks only)
Tuesday Evenings 7pm-10pm

This session will explore new posing concepts and formats outside our regular calendar of sessions. For 12 weeks, the new session will alternate between two types of thematically-focused "costumed character" poses:

1) Bodies! Whole figure poses!

2) Heads! Close-up portrait poses!

Please come, draw, and give session managers your feedback on the new session formats, and on sessions you'd like to see at Basic Inquiry.

Figuratively Speaking

December 12th, 2015

You may have noted in October 26, 2015 minutes reference was made to a September 29, 2015 video shoot at the studio by Spotlight Productions Ltd., a company under contract to provide video productions for the Telus Community Channel. Melinda Friedman the director has provided us with the links to the final product on both U Tube and Facebook. Please feel free to take a gander as it is a well done production featuring one of our outstanding models Francoise Thibault.