Robostrar is the electronic registration and sales system that facilitates Basic Inquiry’s operations, and was launched at the 2021 AGM. It is available here:

Robostrar is designed to permit you, as a participant in the local drawing community, to:

  1. Create an account (personal login id and password) for your electronic transactions with Basic Inquiry. This permits us to offer you e-commerce, communicate with you about your needs and purchases, and identify your presence in our studio sessions for COVID contact-tracing and other “attendance record” needs.
  2. Purchase electronic tickets for studio sessions, individually or in packs, with multi-ticket discounts if you buy bulk and much lower prices if you become a Society Member.
  3. Register for actual studio sessions using tickets or drawing passes.Advance registration will be required during COVID Safety reopenings, and will be used to arbitrate limited seating restrictions.In a post-COVID world, electronic registration can happen up to the start of the session, but will still be required for access to the studio and for a seat in the session. (Electronic registration replaces our paper-based “sign-in sheet” registration from pre-COVID.)
  4. Make other electronic purchases, including Annual Memberships (if you are are not already a member, or have a recently-expired membership), and “unlimited monthly drawing passes” (if you are already a member).

The first of these activities—signing up for your own account—happens only once, the first time you use Robostrar. After that, log in to your existing account to access any of the other activities.

The majority of your use of Robostrar will be in step 3, finding sessions to attend and signing up for them. Occasionally you’ll circle back to step 2 to renew your supply of tickets. And once a year you might go to step 4 to renew your membership!

Robostrar is straightforward, and has been designed to be easy to use without detailed written instructions. Please sign up for a free account now and give it a whirl at the link below:

(Note: Robostrar’s tickets and passes apply to studio sessions only; that is, to real-life in-person sessions conducted in our studio. It is separate from the internet sessions occasionally live-streamed by Basic Inquiry Online. Robostrar tickets or passes cannot be used for streamed sessions hosted by Basic Inquiry Online.)