Basic Inquiry is interested in hiring models of all types. If you are a model looking for work, please send a request by e-mail to our model bookers. Be sure to include the following three items:

  1. A description of your prior modeling experience. If you’ve never modeled, describe any relevant experience you have that informs your desire to model
  2. A description of your general availability. We usually book a month in advance and tend to “try out” new model candidates less frequently than that. Please apply only if you have more than short-term availability.
  3. Two well-lit color photographs of yourself: one head shot and one full body pose, ideally in a swimsuit or tight clothing. Do not send nude photographs, paintings, or drawings of yourself.

Mail these items to bookers’ attention here. If you include all three, you will hear from us shortly. If you can’t provide all three components of an application, we are likely not interested in your availability. Thanks!

We are especially interested in reliable art models who have some experience and, especially, who are able to do dynamic short poses. If you are interested in modeling but have no experience, please attend one of our sessions as a drop-in artist to learn more about it before applying.

New models, or models new to Basic, should also read the New Model Orientation Guide.